2004 Maine Renaissance Faire Calendar

This calendar is a series of photographs from the 2003 season of the Maine Renaissance Faire. Since I don't have signed release forms from the principal actors or the Maine Faire management, I don't believe I can sell this calendar. I got the original calendar template from http://www.mycustomcalendars.com, but I have heavily customized it after downloading it. The official site for the Maine Renaissance Faire is http://www.mainefaire.com. The rest of my Maine Renaissance Faire pictures are at: 2003 pictures, and 2002 pictures. You can click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

Cover &
End Pages
Opening gate picture Credits page January Bedlam picture January calendar page
February Tavern brawl picture February calendar page March Finale picture March calendar page
April Sir Francis and the Queen picture April calendar page May Bumbly and Jass Phinn picture May calendar page
June Pubsing picture June calendar page July Mudbegger picture July calendar page
August Opening ceremony picture August calendar page September Scurvy and Grog picture September calendar page
October Men of Action picture October calendar page November The queen's new crown picture November calendar page
December Greensleeves picture December calendar page

Michael Meissner, photos@the-meissners.org